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Many gardeners believe that good soil is the root of all healthy plants.  They till into and toil over their soil for hours on end.  The truth is that plants can live very nicely without any soil at all.  This notion of "soil less gardening" is what gave rise to the hydroponics revolution.

Plants need nutrients to survive, not soil.  Normally, the earth's soil is what contains the essential nutrients required for the growth and maintenance of plants.  These same nutrients, however, can be supplied through other means, like the water used in hydroponics gardening. 

Many gardeners prefer hydroponics to traditional gardening.  Without soil, there is less mess and hassle, but there are other benefits as well.  People can set up a hydroponics garden just about anywhere.  It's ideal for those living in apartments and other close quarters and, gardeners can grow a greater volume of plants in less space.

If you're interested in setting up a hydroponics garden in your home, the Internet is a great resource to help find the supplies and equipment you'll need.  Buying hydroponics supplies online is fast, easy and inexpensive, if you know where to shop. 

Our own store is surely the best place to buy hydroponics supplies and equipment!  However, if you want to look further afield, here are some others:

When it comes to hydroponics gardening, the name of this website says it all.  With hydroponics you really can garden all year, and this website has virtually everything you need to get the most out of your year-round harvest.  It's an online store that services both traditional organic gardeners, and hydroponics gardeners. 

With one of the largest selections of supplies and materials available on the web, their extensive product line includes the following popular gardening necessities:

*  Hydroponics Equipment:  Virtually everything you'll need to build your own hydroponics garden.  Here, you'll find indoor garden lighting, grow lights, replacement bulbs, Mylar and timers
* Organic fertilizers:  You'll find the popular and the unusual, including bat guano, worm castings, rose and flower food, hormone supplements and more
*  Growing media:  This is an essential element for many hydroponics gardens.  Rock wool, vermiculite, perlite and more choices are available
*  Organic pest control:  Traditional gardeners can find organic alternatives to chemical pesticides, plus pure Neem oil, natural fungicides and others
*  Advanced nutrients:  When your plants need a little extra boost.  You'll find many popular brands including B-52 Fertilizer Booster and Voodoo Juice
*  Rooting Hormone:  Leading brand names, like Hormex and Rootech cloning and cutting gel
*  pH Testing:  Those who choose to rough it with outdoor gardening can purchase handy pH testing kits to check the soil levels

This online shop is dedicated to providing home gardeners with virtually everything they could ever need.  Hydroponics supplies, lawn care fertilizers, composting, greenhouse supplies, seeds, pest control and more choices are available to purchase online.  Since 1991, has been providing quality products for the home, lawn, and garden.

Here are a few examples of the hydroponics supplies they offer:

*  The Original Can Filters:  This carbon air filter features a tested and true 99.5% odor removing capability, and boasts a suggested life span of 12-18 months.  Definitely worth the investment
*  Grow Light Timer:  No proper hydroponics garden is complete without a timer.  This device is ideal for keeping your plants to a regular light schedule.  If you want healthy plants, buy a grow light time.  You can set it, and forget it.
*  Hurricane In-Line Fans:  Some fans are limited to dry-area use only, but the Hurricane In-line fan can be used without worry in wet conditions, such as a hydroponics garden.
*  More to Choose From:  Browse the website for an even greater selection of hydroponics supplies including air cleaners, outflow flanges, filter canisters and cooling kits.

Hydroponics and traditional gardeners alike turn to this website for alternative gardening supplies.  A division of Superior Growers Supply, Inc., Home Harvest Garden Supply provides organic fertilizers, natural insect controls, hydroponics supplies, indoor plant grow lights, hobby greenhouse, propagation and irrigation supplies, containers and more. has been shipping to hobby growers since 1988, and their gardening products are available 365 days a year.  In addition to their hydroponics supplies, they also provide useful and informative resources.  If you have a question about virtually any aspect of plant culture and growth, visit this website and you may just find the answers you need.

Horizen Hydroponics is a year-round garden center based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This hydroponics supplies store offers an extensive selection of products, from simple hydroponics systems to a complete line of accessories.  Gardeners can purchase plant grow lights, digital electronic ballasts, indoor gardening controls, flower and organic fertilizers and gardening equipment online. Whether you are a hobby gardener or a commercial farmer, this Internet retailer provides everything you need for indoor gardening.

When you're ready to try gardening without soil, consider buying hydroponics supplies online. Hydroponics is a clean, fun hobby that's safe for the whole family. Get hydroponics online, and get gardening!

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