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Using Home Improvement Software: A Personal Story PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Below is an account from a satisfied user of a major home improvement software package:

When my husband and I started to think about remodeling our home, we turned to local designers and contractors for consultation and estimates. Not only was I disappointed to learn that the estimates were coming back way over our budget, but that the designers lacked creativity! So instead we decided to tackle the project by ourselves.

After some research I decided that Broderbund's 3D Home Architect Deluxe V3.0 (3DHAD) would best meet our needs. I also bought a similar software application by This Old House, but never tried it since Broderbund's product worked so well for us.

3DHAD proved to be a priceless resource in preparing to tackle the job of remodeling on our own. We were able to, after some grueling hours measuring and re-measuring, make a complete model of our home and view it from many different angles. Then in a separate file we started our journey and explored countless possibilities, adding on and moving walls and furniture, and discovering lots of choices for each remodeling project.

We would have never been able to afford that time and assistance with a consultant.

I spent hours designing my kitchen. I was able to shift cabinets around, work out activity areas, explore and find solutions that met our family's requirements. For each new layout I was able to do a walk-through and get a feel for the layout long before we actually removed walls or made purchases.

When we were finally ready, I printed out pictures of what I wanted and brought them to my local home improvement store. The designers there were delighted to work with me, and their service was free! While we were waiting for our cabinets to be delivered, my husband and I worked on our house and got ready for the install.

So far we've saved ourselves $20,000 by performing the remodeling ourselves! Broderbund's 3D Home Architect Deluxe V3.0 paved the way for a fantastic experience!

Our use for the software:
Exploration and designing for addition of a second story balcony
Exploration and designing for kitchen and great room remodel
Exploration and designing for master bath remodel

Have fun with it, and see what uses you can find for it while improving your home!
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